Monday, 5 March 2012

Catching up!

My so a long time since last post....such is life!

My old desk top computer is on it's last operates for exactly half an hour then shuts down it's been to see the doctor twice but they can't work out what's wrong!!  Bit of a nuisance because the printer doesn't like my new laptop?!!  Sounds like a Tom Waits song to me!

So I completed the 1st unit, sent all the work un-mounted and Gail sent it back say fab but do this and that mount it all up and send it back for assessment with 2nd unit work! 
I don't know it is all very long winded...especially as there's no deadlines...Consequently the work takes longer cos no-ones looking over your shoulder (mind i can email with pictures for speedier feedback).


Module 2
This unit is focusing on Shape as the Design principle and the theme is Industrial.

I first thought that i would like to do train stations as my other love and hobby is travelling...although this involves my motor home NOT public transport....mmmm!

I also like walls as they encompass evolution of human kind...i mean that buildings and building are Industry.

I have a walk to my town centre and on that walk there are examples of old tumbling walls, there's a place that sells building materials and there are building sites.perfect for Primary Research drawing...

So this is my subject matter.

Below are my Primary source drawings.

They are in colour but the directions in the unit the tutors have sent recommend using monochrome theme for 'colourways'.

And you'll have turn your head sideways....i did rotate but there you are!

They were sketch in situ and coloured at home...the beeping and comments were uncomfortable!!!

The remnants of the wall were the gate would have
been is sketched in this one.....the rusted hardware
was interesting to on a couple of levels!

                                                                                                  I was trying to capture the texture of the peeling stone.          I used neat Acrylic paint to build up the layers

The last picture was drawn with pen i was trying to pick out the essential shapes and patterns within the area.

Right it's late and bed's calling!!  I have a chunk of design work i haven't scanned or photographed yet so I'll show them next time hopefully sooner then this show an tell!

I have an idea for my experimental piece for the Cross stitch or the Canvas stitch...oh yes they are the two stitches along with Assisi for this Module!