Sunday, 29 May 2011

Onward to assessment piece!

I know I'm slow putting the stages on this blog but well busy busy!!

I went to the Aintree Stitch fair earlier this month and met, amongst other talented people, Embroiders, quilters, knitters...I was there with the Knit 1 Pass it on crowd showing people how to knit & Crochet...and my extreme Tunsian crochet hook!

Anyway I digress....Below are some pictures of my thought process, samples and the final piece in 2 stages.

This picture below is a Collage developed from the splitting of the Pomegrante drawings. 
It's made up of printed papers, fabrics, sequins, glitter glue, painted string....the finer details of the design had to be lost as some parts of it were really close together.

The design for this was then blown up on the photocopier and transferred to Calico which I stretched onto a frame.

Below is one of the samples working out how to attach the purple fabric to the calico and keep the undulating texture of the collage.

The sample below is of the stitches used...i was trying to work out needle size to go through the two layers of fabric and which size thread to use....I will pretend this was done before the final piece!!(oh no-one will know!) 

This picture is of my final piece in the first stage. 
There are lines of Running stitch outlining the design transferred onto the back of the calico was interesting doing it that way as the results were totally random. 
I have also Couched on some old metal necklace chains, don't you think they compliment the undulating texture and shine of the fabric? 
At this point I'd embroidered some Spiders web, wipped & woven.

On the collage there were flat spaces which I wanted to recreate on my final piece...that's the part were it has the light coming through...I havent finished that yet I'm playing with different ideas....

This one below is a detail showing the silver thread with chain

The sections were I have started to fill in sections with various stitches.

This is a close up of the cutback section....i have dissolvable fabric with metallic sewing woven behind...This will provide something to embroider on and help keep the shape...i must stiffen this part!

So good progress but slower than i thought...i guess that comes from using the designing method of 'Design as you go'!!

Just to remind this is my work and soley mine please donot use any images.